Main Services

Mobile Equipment

Mobile phones, Tablets and now smartwatches al play a big part in our everyday life. So when  something goes wrong you can turn to us.


Apple Repairs

We specialise in the repair of Apple devices and can offer a fast, cost effective solution to repair your device.



Laptops, Desktops

We specialise in repairing faulty laptops & motherboards down to component level. We offer a repair service not just for Stranraer but for the entire UK. We also offer a laptop screen replacement service.


Business to Business Services

Companies generally look to outsource when areas of their business are more cost effective and efficient when managed by a specialist service provider

Client Says
“Thanks to the guys at Power On Service Centre in Stranraer! Finished off our networking job for the new x-ray technology seamlessly and very promptly-cant thank them enough!!.”
 Crawford Alaxander, NHS Smile Centre.

Past, Present & Future

Power on started life as a cable supplyer back in 2005 under the trading name of Ezeepconline, we then opened our retail website and built our business for a further 4 years, in May 2009 we rebranded and opened our retail and repair centre in Stranraer called. You guessed it Power On Service Centre and have been growing and expanding for years.
At the moment Power On is expanding its national repair solution and our business to business services, we have change our brand colours this year (2015) from blue to orange.
We will continue to improve our service, our customer service and our pricing structure. in the next year we will continue to support and help the growth of our sister companys Get-Known and Signal UK, we will add service to our B2B service list and we will improve our customer service by emplying more dedacted account managers.

Common Repairs

Over the last 365 Days

Virus Removal 82%
Laptop Screens 57%
Mac Repairs 90%
Console Repairs 34%
Laptop Hardware Repairs 90%
Phone,Tablet (iPhone) Repairs 99%
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